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Gorlanov Gennadiy Elizarovich, Doctor of philological sciences, professor, head of sub-department of literature and literature teaching methods, Penza State University (40 Krasnaya street, Penza, Russia),

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Background. One of the mysterious poems of M. Yu. Lermontov is considered in the article. The author of the study considers it reasonable to use the term “Lermontov’s person”, which incorporates the functions of the concept of “lyrical hero” and “author’s I”. In such a complex, it is possible to reveal more deeply and objectively the process of Lermontov-poet’s self-knowledge, which began in his early works. Moreover, it is in the first period that the poetic knowledge of the world begins and the definition of its special place in it. Imagination of the young man attracted to himself the mystery of the universe, the opposition of the earthly and heavenly world. The motifs of the Earth and Sky are often found in his lyrics. To address the issue identified in the title of the article, it is important to dwell on the complex problem of comprehension by the poet of the motive “unearthly” in the poem “1831 June 11 Day”.
Materials and methods. The author of the article focuses his attention on the study of the “unearthly” problem in the poet’s work. Its identification is carried out on the basis of the study of a specific work, which was made into the title of the article, but in some cases other poetic works similar in theme are used for greater reasoning, and are also cited as examples of the novel “The Hero of Our Time”. 
Results. In the image of “unearthly”, in the author’s opinion, an important place is given to intuition, which Lermontov actively uses in his work to comprehend the truth.
Conclusions. The desire for an unearthly, unusual Lermontov man should not be associated with certain mystical forces. Most likely, this is a creative impulse, cutting a spark of spiritual illumination, which is transformed into figurative metaphorical revelations.

Key words

lyrical, hero, “Lermontov person”, poem, prediction, prophecy, mysticism

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